How to get an IRS Transcript


The IRS has a great new tool to help taxpayers obtain their federal income tax transcripts. The new tool allows individuals to get their information from the IRS online Transcript tool.

In the past individuals had to either call into the IRS and endure long wait time to get information about their tax account and request their transcripts. Taxpayers also had the option of filing form 4506-T by mail or fax to obtain records.

The IRS announced in a recent press release (read it here) that the following ways are the most comfortable and most convenient ways to get tax information and tax account status: (Ordered from most to least convenient:

  • Taxpayers can obtain their account information and transcripts using the new online system by visiting “Get a Transcript” and going through the “Secure Access” validation system. Some helpful information you will need when using this system is:
    • An email addresses
    • Personal social security information
    • Filling Status of last filed tax return
    • Address from the last filed tax return
    • Personal account number from any of the following:
    • Credit Card (Cannot be a charge card or American Express)
    • Student loan
    • Home mortgage loan or Home Equity line of credit
    • Car Loan
    • A cellphone with a line registered in the taxpayer’s name.
  • Get a transcript by filling out form “4506-T” and faxing it in. Where you have to fax it in depends on where you leave, please refer to the instruction on page 2 of form “4506-T.”
  • Taxpayers that don’t have access to fax can also mail their completed forms to the IRS.
  • Alternatively, taxpayers can call the IRS and request their transcripts to be sent by mail. The phone number to request the transcript is: 1-800-908-9946

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